I value safe spaces. Sometimes (most times) I can be silly and sometimes I can be serious, but I promise that I will never intentionally make light of something that hurts someone else, and I also promise to react maturely and responsibly when called out on doing that unintentionally. Full disclosure up front: I belong to a lot of demographics that afford me a great deal of privilege. Some of these things are obvious: I am white. I am heterosexual. I am cis-gendered. I am educated. I grew up in a middle-class household with parents who worked hard and treated me right; I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from.

Some things that I feel afford me a great deal of privilege aren’t as clear-cut. Without going into too much detail because that isn’t what this blog is for, I’ll say that I had what could have been a very traumatic childhood; it wasn’t, because my family excelled (and still does excel) at removing barriers for me. That’s a lot of why I’m trying to dedicate my life to doing the same for others. I come from a family that values education very highly, but I also come from a family that values not being a jerk very highly. I come from a family who has supported the crap out of every decision I’ve ever made, and I recognize what a huge advantage that gives me, in terms of feeling empowered to do what I want.

I work hard to make sure that I am cognizant of this at all times, but of course I sometimes slip up and I am grateful for the times I am reminded.


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